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Iron Mountain, ClearDATA Partner with Google Healthcare Cloud

Iron Mountain and ClearDATA announce partnerships with Google Healthcare Cloud to support advanced analytics so organizations can make their data more actionable.

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By Elizabeth O'Dowd

- The healthcare industry is going through a digital transformation as organizations continue to leverage advanced digital tools to increase clinician workflow and improve patient treatment. As a result, large tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are making big investments in healthcare cloud.

ClearDATA and Iron Mountain both made announcements this week highlighting their new partnerships with Google Cloud to help support further innovation in the healthcare industry.

Iron Mountain’s partnership with Google Cloud is based on the development of new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions. The partnership aims to give organizations more complete access to their data repositories, so the data collected by connected medical devices as well as unstructured data can be made actionable.

Less than 1 percent of the world’s data has been analyzed, according to statistics provided by Iron Mountain. This leaves unstructured and untagged data significantly underutilized. In the healthcare industry, unstructured data can be used to provide clinicians with better insight into population health and treatment of specific diseases.

Providing a platform where AI and machine learning tools are easily accessible can help organizations leverage data that has so far been unusable.

“We know firsthand the challenges of understanding and acting on data insights,” Iron Mountain President and CEO William Meaney said in a statement. “Our customers depend on us to help make their physical and digital information useful and accessible while keeping it safe. This partnership with Google Cloud brings us together to deliver a new category of solutions for organizations looking to utilize their data’s value, while closely managing their security and privacy.”

The partnership aims to cater to data intensive industries, such as healthcare, so organizations can gain value from their data using machine learning.

Google Cloud is now Iron Mountain’s preferred cloud provider for its AI and machine learning tools. Iron Mountain’s new subscription services will be available on Google Cloud in September.

ClearDATA also announced its partnership with Google Cloud this week. The partnership uses the Google Cloud Platform to deliver Clear DATA’s healthcare compliance capabilities to digital tools.

The focus remains on analytics and large data sets as the companies aim to deliver advanced analytics and machine learning to healthcare organizations.

“Our partnership with Google Cloud gives those wanting to innovate on Google Cloud Platform the chance to do so in a secure and compliant environment without fear of compromising sensitive health data, ultimately increasing their opportunities to advance healthcare and improve patient outcomes,” ClearDATA CEO Darin Brannan said in a statement.

ClearDATA wants organizations to have access to their analytics tools through Google Cloud and be able to use them without having to worry if they are compliant.

This collaboration will eventually give healthcare developers access to the Google Kubernetes Engine, which is an open source container system. This will help organizations automate application deployment and make applications more scalable.

Large vendors like Google haven’t traditionally invested as much in the healthcare industry as they have with other industries over the years because healthcare has been slower to adopt new technology, and HIPAA compliance can lead to complications.

Payer and provider organizations are in the midst of a digital transformation and are building for the future by investing in digital tools that will help them increase clinical workflow, which, in turn, will lead to better patient care.

Now that Google and other major vendors are investing more in healthcare-focused IT, advanced digital tools are becoming more readily available to healthcare organizations. IT systems can be consolidated, and many tools and applications don’t need to be bought separately; they are available in a cloud platform the organization is already using.

As advanced digital tools become more accessible, organizations can plan to include more of these tools in their health IT infrastructure.


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