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Wi-Fi CERTIFIED WPA3 Improves Healthcare Network Security

June 27, 2018 - Wi-Fi Alliance announced the third generation of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Protected Access, WPA3, has been finalized. WPA3 improves on WPA2, which has been in use for over a decade, by simplifying security features as well as improving them. These improvements will enhance healthcare network security as more connected devices are introduced to the network. The initial announcement of WPA3...

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Identifying Health IT Infrastructure Requirements for Telehealth

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

As healthcare organizations continue to utilize telehealth programs, it’s more important than ever to make sure that all health IT infrastructure requirements for telehealth are met. Organizations that do not properly support their...

What Potential is in Healthcare Intent-Based Networking, Automation?

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Organizations are constantly looking for ways to fortify network security. Healthcare intent-based networking (IBN) can help give organizations a more dynamic approach to network security as more devices are added to the health IT...

Threat Intelligence Adoption Tests HIT Infrastructure Security

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Large cyberattacks plague the healthcare industry as organizations are challenged with introducing and maintaining threat intelligence as part of their HIT infrastructure security. The Ponemon Institute’s second annual cybersecurity...

Healthcare SIEM Uses Real-Time Data for Network Security

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare security information and event management (SIEM) allows organizations to analyze security data in real-time to detect cyberattacks the moment they occur providing more advanced network security. The HIPAA omnibus rule was...

NIST Guide Focuses on Healthcare Wireless Network Security

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Clearwater Compliance announced its partnership with NIST and the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) to help organizations improve healthcare wireless network security. The partnership focuses on securing wireless...

Healthcare Blockchain Relies on Industry Standardization

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare blockchain is growing as organizations seek more secure ways to exchange information and conduct transactions with other entities. The enterprise blockchain market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 26 percent through 2025,...

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Grants Clinicians Instant Logins

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Hyper-converged infrastructure is proving its worth in health IT infrastructure as organizations seek to improve operations, security, and patient care using virtualization. Southern New Hampshire Health (SNHH) uses Pivot3’s...

Extreme Networks Releases HIPAA-Compliant Network Management

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Extreme Networks announced the release of an optional network management add-on to its ExtremeManagement product portfolio, helping healthcare organizations stay HIPAA compliant for mission-critical networks. Announced at HIMSS17, the...

IoT Growth Sparks Healthcare Device Management, Visibility Solutions

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and healthcare organizations are looking for solutions to manage the network connections, protocols, and data associated with the variety of IoT devices present in many health IT...


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