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IBM DBaaS Toolkit Supports Open Source Cloud Databases

IBM's latest toolkit supports open source DBaaS technology allowing organizations to cut back on licensing and HIT infrastructure costs.

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By Elizabeth O'Dowd

- IBM announced the release of its new Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) toolkit, Open Platform for DBaaS on IBM Power Systems. The toolkit is for open source databases to provide developers and IT departments with more speed and control over their data.

The platform allows administrators and developers to deploy a fully configured private cloud with automated provisioning for open source database services. The supported open source databases include MongoDB, EDB PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Redis, Neo4j, and Apache Cassandra.

The DBaaS platform provides an efficient cloud environment while maintaining visibility and control over infrastructure resources. Open Platform is built for big data and offers organizations high server density.

"As the need for new applications to be delivered faster than ever increases in a digital world, developers are turning to modern software development models including DevOps, as-a-Service and self-service to increase the volume, velocity and variety of business applications," IBM VP of Power Ecosystem and Strategy Terri Virnig said in a statement.

"With Open Platform for DBaaS, IBM is supporting these cloud development models to provide greater control of data, access and security, as well as the choice and flexibility for agile development of innovative new applications.”

The platform includes a self -service portal for open source database deployment and a scalable elastic cloud infrastructure for on-premises private cloud delivery. Open Platform also includes a disk image builder tool for building custom databases and deploying them to the database image library.

Open Platform provides users with an open source, cloud oriented operations manager with dashboards and tools to visualize, control, monitor, and analyze the physical and virtual resources. It’s also comprised of compute, block and archive storage servers, JBOD disk drawers, OpenStack control plane nodes, and network switches pre-integrated with the open source DBaaS toolkit.

Interconnect solutions for data center servers and storage systems supplier Mellanox announced its support for Open Platform. The company chose to support the flexible open source platform because organizations need scalable databases to cope with the data produced by interconnected systems and devices.

“Companies must undergo digital transformation in order to compete and lead in the data-driven insight economy, and open source economics and innovation are speeding this digital transformation,” Mellanox Technologies Vice President of Marketing Kevin Deierling said in a statement. “Open Database-as-a-Service is an efficient way to meet today’s business requirements including high performance, high availability, and scalability at a lower cost of ownership.”

DBaaS solutions provide on-demand provisioning of databases and open source DBaaS solutions reduce the amount of money organizations need to spend on licensing and IT infrastructure.

DBaaS solutions are ideal for developers who need fast, flexible, and secure performance and reliability as they work on multiple applications using multiple operating systems and databases, according to Mellanox. Open source DBaaS tools are more advanced and have more capabilities than traditional enterprise database solutions.

“For example, healthcare organizations are using MongoDB to build new customer call-center applications that combine traditional patient billing data with new data formats such as MRIs and lab test results and text data from specialist appointments,” Mellanox explained. “These new call centers are significantly reducing patient wait times and improving quality of care.”

“Other organizations are using open source database management systems to combine GPS location data with real-time social media and video feeds with their own data to offer public transportation alternatives during peak travel times.”

Open source DBaaS solutions continue to be improved upon as infrastructure technology changes and offers organizations updates and opportunities to share their developments with others in the open source community. Open source solutions help organizations improve the digital healthcare community but also cut back on infrastructure costs by eliminating licensing fees.  


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