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DB Networks Launches Artificial Intelligence-Based DAM Solution

DB Networks released an AI-based DAM solution to better monitor data access to meet HIPAA compliance regulations.

By Elizabeth O'Dowd

DB Networks announced its agentless database activity monitoring (DAM) solution which employs artificial intelligence (AI) so organizations can achieve both compliance monitoring and database security without giving up control of their data for the sake of compliance.

The new DAM solution does not require agent software to be installed or maintained on the database servers. Machine learning can automatically identify and alert IT staff about any suspicious or abnormal access to critical data.

DB Networks, a machine learning-based database company, and its latest solution focus on reducing the negative effects of agent. Traditionally DAMs are used to monitor data access as a compensation for compliance. For healthcare organizations, DAMs are used to monitor EHR access and ensure the data is retrieved in a HIPAA compliant manner.

If a DAM agent fails to notices abnormalities, the entire database may be brought offline for a period of time. With an AI agent instead of a human agent, mistakes that halt operations can be avoided.

"While database activity monitoring is necessary as a compensating control for compliance, many enterprises find the traditional implementation to be both costly and very complex," said DB Networks' Chairman and CEO Brett Helm. "The reason many databases operate unmonitored and unprotected is often because organizations lack easy-to-implement tools and trained staff. Our new agentless DAM with its machine learning together with comprehensive privileged account security has significantly simplified and enhanced database monitoring and security."

DB Networks is combining its DBN-6300 database monitoring and security technology with the CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution to strengthen organizations' the overall security of the solution.

The The CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution establishes a single point of control and allows organizations to isolate, monitor, record, and control privileged sessions on databases so security teams can terminate and playback suspicious user sessions.

"DB Networks is delivering an innovative DAM solution that addresses important business requirements and emphasizes simplicity and data reliability," said Adam Bosnian, executive vice president, global business development at CyberArk. "CyberArk provides a valuable check and balance for the DB Networks solution to help verify that network traffic is coming from a trusted source and database access aligns with internal policies. DB Networks' commitment to adding additional layers of security for database protection that prioritize privileged account security is an important benefit to customers, and reflects the key tenets of the C3 Alliance."

The agentless DAM's deep protocol analysis of all Structured Query Language (SQL) activity is accomplished through DB Networks' DBN-6300 technology. The technology also provides machine learning along with behavioral analysis too quickly and accurately alert IT staff of database policy violations and database attacks. This helps ensure sensitive data stores are not compromised.

According to the SANS Institute, DAMs have an important place in health IT infrastructure as organizations need to consolidate PHI and sensitive data into larger databases. A major element in securing the larger databases is monitoring user activity and healthcare organizations need to be able t monitor all activity without performance or stability risks.

The SANS Institute recognizes that other solutions may need to be added over time to ensure that security is maximized. DB Networks recognises the same thing supports DAM compatibility with Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase database management systems. It also operates non-intrusively and can be deployed alongside DAMs from other vendors to provide organizations with custom security solutions.

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