Mobile Health Tool Adoption Supports Population Health

February 15, 2018 - Organizations are adopting more healthcare mobile health tools as those tools are developed to help patients be more involved in their own personal health. These mobile tools can help clinicians more accurately understand how a patient behaves in day to day life, and how that behavior impacts her overall health. Mobile health tools have tremendous potential to improve patient care and clinician...

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Why Integrating Telehealth Video Tools with EHRs Streamlines Care

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Telehealth adoption rates are growing and organizations continue to add technology to their telehealth programs. This increases the need for telehealth video tools that are HIPAA compliant and easy to use. Video conferencing is a large part of...

Health IT Infrastructure Supports Successful Telemedicine Programs

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Health IT infrastructure is significantly impacted by the growing popularity of telemedicine, with clinicians and patients able to take advantage of innovative tools. Organizations are deploying telemedicine programs to cut back on costs associated...

Potential FCC Restrictions Challenge Telehealth Network Usability

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Earlier this week, President Trump signed two executive orders to expand access to broadband internet in rural America. Many patients in rural areas depend on broadband services to support their telehealth network usability , especially if they...

Telehealth Video Consults Affect Health IT Infrastructure

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Telehealth is a large concern for health IT infrastructure as organizations need to make sure their digital environment can support the tools needed for successful connections through the public internet. Using tools that can utilize different...

FCC Collaboration Increases Broadband Access in Rural Areas

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

The FCC Connect2Health Task Force (C2HFCC) announced its collaboration with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) on how to increase broadband access and adoption in rural areas. The two organizations signed a memorandum of understanding that will...

Organizations Prepare Their Health IT Infrastructure for 5G

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Organizations are preparing their health IT infrastructures for 5G, according to a recent Ericsson survey. The report surveyed IT decision-makers across all major verticals, including healthcare, and found that 78 percent of respondents have...

Healthcare Mobile Strategy Requires Diligent Planning

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Organizations still struggle to deploy an advanced healthcare mobile strategy to meet development and usage needs while remaining HIPAA compliant. Entities need to give clinicians and users what they want out of a mobile environment while ensuring...

Deep Fiber Networks Help Close Digital Divide, Supports IoT

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare organizations are digitizing their health IT infrastructure to support an increased adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mHealth, and telemedicine initiatives. Mobile devices need to be supported by a robust and reliable network,...

Healthcare Internet of Things Seeks Advanced 5G Wireless

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) devices are gaining popularity, which calls for a better way to connect the devices to the network using fifth generation cellular (5G) wireless technology. The increasing number of devices connecting to the...

FCC Requests Broadband-Enabled Healthcare Information

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

The FCC released a public notice seeking comments and data on actions to accelerate the adoption and accessibility of broadband-enabled healthcare solutions and advanced technologies. Increased wireless network technology will help improve patient...

NYU WIRELESS, OPPO Partner for Next-Gen 5G Wireless Technology

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

NYU WIRELESS and OPPO announced that the smartphone vendor has joined the university research center at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering as an affiliate and research sponsor for next generation 5G wireless technology. OPPO now has early access...

Mobile Wireless, Data Analytics Among Top Funded Health IT

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Health IT and digital health had strong VC funding in the first quarter of 2017 with $1.6 billion. The first full quarter under the new administration was the second highest quarter ever for the digital health sector, according to the latest...

Sovereign Health Announces Expanded Telehealth Service

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Sovereign Health announced the release of its new telehealth service, Telehealth, to offer outpatients the same level of care they would receive if they were being treated on-premise. The behavioral health system aims to improve the how its services...

5G Network Infrastructure Improves Telemedicine, Remote Care

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare organizations using advanced technology for telehealth and telemedicine care will need to consider the implications 5G technology will bring to health IT infrastructure, especially as remote patient care and remote clinicians become...

Royal Philips, Banner Health Focus on Telehealth Solutions

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Royal Philips and Banner Health announced a 15 year partnership demonstrating how telehealth solutions support connected health initiatives to manage patients with chronic conditions. The organizations will leverage Philips’ population...

Health IT Infrastructure Needs to Support Future of Telemedicine

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

All signs indicate that the role of telemedicine in care delivery is set for tremendous growth over the next decade Two recent reports from Research and Markets anticipate an expansion of the telemedicine and remote patient monitoring device...

Added Technology Expands Telemedicine at Children’s Mercy

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

As hospitals build more advanced health IT infrastructures to support more advanced technology, healthcare organizations are seeking better ways to use the technology to improve patient care. Children’s Mercy hospital in Kansas City, Missouri,...


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