Healthcare Cloud

Healthcare Cloud Becomes IT Infrastructure Necessity

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Cloud computing has played a part in IT infrastructure for nearly a decade, and according to most recent research, the healthcare cloud market will undergo steady evolution in the coming years.  The authors of Gartner’s Market Guide...

Boston Children’s, GE Develop on Smart Imaging Technology

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Boston Children’s Hospital and GE Healthcare announced a collaboration to develop improved brain scan technology for better and more accurate diagnosis and to provide real-time contextual information for radiologists. Using GE Health Cloud...

DRaaS Solution Market Growth Assists Health IT Infrastructure

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Traditional disaster recovery solutions are falling by the wayside as cloud-based disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solutions are expected to continue to grow rapidly over the next several years. Healthcare organizations looking to shed...

Healthcare IT Budgets Restrict On-Premise Server Deployments

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Deciding on a cloud or on-premise solution is a challenge for any healthcare organization, especially when it comes to EHR solutions and data storage. Many factors such as security, control, connectivity, scalability, and cost determine which...

New Technologies Require Solid Health IT Infrastructure

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

The healthcare IT solutions market is projected to reach $228.79 billion by 2020 and lead to significant changes to the industry’s IT infrastructure.  Research firm MarketsandMarkets estimates that the global health IT market including...

Acronis Releases Blockchain Based Software-Defined Storage

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Acronis has recently announced the release of Acronis Storage, a software-defined storage product with blockchain-based data authentication and universal file, block and object support. The product uses Acronis CloudRAID and Acronis Notary along...

Lower Costs a Promising Sign for Private Healthcare Cloud?

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

New research points to decreasing total cost of ownership for private cloud solutions, perhaps removing a barrier to entry for health IT infrastructure. Research conducted by 451 Research analyzed various cloud options and determined when organizations...

5 Essential Steps for Healthcare Cloud Data Migration

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Cloud migration is the process of moving data from on-site storage into the cloud, or from one cloud storage service model to another. Cloud migration is a delicate process involving careful planning from IT staff, especially in the healthcare...

Healthcare Cloud Migration Challenges, Strategies for Success

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Migrating data from one storage type to another is no small task for healthcare organizations. Choosing a new storage method or upgrading an existing one involves moving all existing data from one location (physical or digital) to another. Organizations...

Comparing Public, Private, Hybrid Healthcare Cloud Storage

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

One of the biggest hesitations healthcare organizations have when deciding on health data storage is the security of the cloud. It’s important to consider that the data storage decision is more than simply between cloud or on-premise storage,...

Benefits of Healthcare Cloud Technology Adoption to Medicine

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Cloud computing has much offer the healthcare industry, especially given the industry’s growing dependence on computer systems and connectivity. Risks associated with cloud technology contribute to skepticism among healthcare professionals...

Comparing Methods for Developing Enterprise Healthcare Apps

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Custom enterprise applications for employees in healthcare organizations can provide efficiency, mobility, and even security benefit. Apps act through the cloud as a way to send and receive data within a network, making it accessible with a desktop...

Using Virtual Machines to Benefit from the Healthcare Cloud

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Virtual machines are becoming more useful to health IT infrastructure in light of the growing popularity of cloud computing in the healthcare industry. Increased mobile device usage makes cloud computing necessary to efficiently retrieve data....

Comparing On-Premise, Cloud Healthcare Data Storage Solution

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Storing electronic health data is one of the more precarious decisions that needs to be made when deciding on a new health IT infrastructure or upgrading a current one. Along with the network, data storage is one of the largest technical undertakings...

Comparing Healthcare SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Cloud Technology

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

When it comes to healthcare cloud technology, not all service models are created equal and identifying which one supports the healthcare community most effectively isn’t always clear. Cloud is an umbrella term that refers to sharing computing...

How Can Virtualization Improve the Healthcare Industry?

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Virtualization is one of the newer cloud technologies that is gaining popularity across businesses from the enterprise to mid-market level. Not only is it a more mobile and lower maintenance way to have access to all the files needed by the end-user,...

40% of Hospitals Spend More on Cloud, Health IT Infrastructure

by Jennifer Bresnick

Health IT infrastructure budgets are growing, declares a report by IDC Health Insights, and healthcare providers are aiming high with cloud-based big data analytics technologies and software-as-a-service tools that will enable them to meet the...

Top Considerations for Choosing a Cloud EHR Infrastructure

by Jennifer Bresnick

More and more healthcare organizations have their heads in the clouds these days as they take advantage of what externally-hosted EHR technology has to offer.  From lower subscription-based prices instead of up-front implementation fees...


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