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VMware, AWS Collaborate on New Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure


VMware and Amazon Web Service (AWS) have announced their collaboration on a new hybrid cloud service, VMware Cloud on AWS, available for enterprise deployment mid-2017. According to the official press release, “AWS will be VMware’s...

Lower Costs a Promising Sign for Private Healthcare Cloud?


New research points to decreasing total cost of ownership for private cloud solutions, perhaps removing a barrier to entry for health IT infrastructure. Research conducted by 451 Research analyzed various cloud options and determined when organizations...

Offline Apps Provide Healthcare Orgs Continued Connectivity


Connection outages and downtime represent major drawbacks for healthcare organizations considering implementing a cloud service solution or mobile applications. Service interruptions — scheduled or spontaneous — can cripple a healthcare...

Will Multi-Cloud Gain Traction in Health IT Infrastructure?


Healthcare data is no longer limited to on-premise servers as cloud storage continues to gain a firm foothold in the healthcare industry. Cloud storage exists in many forms, but not every cloud storage service option is the right fit for each...

Benefits of Open-Source Software to Healthcare Community


Open-source code has found its place in health IT infrastructure, supported by organizations such as Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA), to serve organization’s electronic health records (EHRs), medical practice management,...

Microsoft Unveils Improvements to IT Infrastructure Offerings


Microsoft announced the general availability of Windows Server 2016 for cloud applications at the annual Microsoft Ignite conference along with other initiatives to drive digital transformation in IT infrastructure. New product announcements...

Oracle Sets Sights on Besting AWS Cloud Computing Offering


Oracle is coming for Amazon Web Services (AWS) after announcing a new approach to cloud computing at their annual Oracle OpenWorld showcase. AWS is currently the world’s largest cloud provider in the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS)...

Survey Shows Growth in Cloud-Based Health IT Infrastructure


Eighty-nine percent of healthcare organizations are currently using cloud-based health IT infrastructure, including cloud-based apps, according to a new survey from SADA Systems, and the vast majority of providers are likely to increase their...

Challenges of Building In-House Health IT Applications


Research points to an increase in custom enterprise applications over the next few years, but is the healthcare industry ready to build in-house health IT applications? Healthcare professionals are known for being on the move and needing information...

Benefits of Cloud-Based Health Information Management Systems


Healthcare organizations operate on a health IT infrastructure comprising programs and applications used by employees with differing needs. Each healthcare department requires specific tools to complete tasks, with most of these tools being digital...

Benefits of Healthcare Cloud Technology Adoption to Medicine


Cloud computing has much offer the healthcare industry, especially given the industry’s growing dependence on computer systems and connectivity. Risks associated with cloud technology contribute to skepticism among healthcare professionals...

Comparing Methods for Developing Enterprise Healthcare Apps


Custom enterprise applications for employees in healthcare organizations can provide efficiency, mobility, and even security benefit. Apps act through the cloud as a way to send and receive data within a network, making it accessible with a desktop...

Ensuring Disaster Recovery in Healthcare Cloud Data


Benefits of healthcare cloud technology are not limited to running applications on thin clients and easily sharing electronic health data. Disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) ensures the resilience of data in the event of network outages,...

Comparing Healthcare SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Cloud Technology


When it comes to healthcare cloud technology, not all service models are created equal and identifying which one supports the healthcare community most effectively isn’t always clear. Cloud is an umbrella term that refers to sharing computing...

40% of Hospitals Spend More on Cloud, Health IT Infrastructure


Health IT infrastructure budgets are growing, declares a report by IDC Health Insights, and healthcare providers are aiming high with cloud-based big data analytics technologies and software-as-a-service tools that will enable them to meet the...

Top Considerations for Choosing a Cloud EHR Infrastructure


More and more healthcare organizations have their heads in the clouds these days as they take advantage of what externally-hosted EHR technology has to offer.  From lower subscription-based prices instead of up-front implementation fees...


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