Digital Health Innovators Need to Deliver Results This Year

February 1, 2019 - Digital health innovators will need to start delivering tangible results, not just hype, for consumers this year, judged the HIMSS 2019 Healthcare Trends Report. The report predicted that digital health innovations that will start having more real-world applications include artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, virtual reality/augmented reality, wearables and implantable...

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Healthcare Leaders See 4 Digital Technologies As Game Changers in 2019

by Fred Donovan

Healthcare leaders believe four digital technologies — artificial intelligence, big data analytics, mobile health (mHealth), and wearables — will be game changers this year, according to Frost & Sullivan. The market...

Healthcare Blockchain Is Poised to Transform Patient Care

by Fred Donovan

Healthcare blockchain technology has the potential to transform patient care, observed Bill Frist, a heart and lung transplant surgeon, former Senate majority leader, and chairman of the executive council of the health service investment...

Walmart Patents Healthcare Blockchain, EHR for First Responders

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Walmart announced that it has been awarded a patent that will store customers EHRs on a healthcare blockchain that can be accessed via a wearable device. This patent is another example of large corporations seeing the value of medical...

The Future of Edge Healthcare Services and HIT Infrastructure

by Bill Kleyman

If I were to pick the most fun projects to work on, healthcare edge would be in my top three. The biggest reason this gets me so excited is that we’re bringing amazing services to remote locations. And we’re accomplishing this...


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