Proactive HIT Infrastructure Security Reduces Network Vulnerability

January 16, 2018 - Infrastructure technology is evolving quickly and organizations are subsequently faced with more sophisticated healthcare security threats. Simply monitoring and reacting to malware and other security threats are not enough to protect the network. Organizations need to take a more proactive approach to HIT infrastructure security. Modern health IT infrastructure security begins with...

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Data Virtualization Assists HIT Infrastructure File Sharing

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Health IT infrastructures are evolving rapidly, and data virtualization benefits organizations by giving them a way to conveniently store and view their data. The data is viewable to the user in a cohesive and easily visible way despite...

Healthcare Blockchain Frameworks Emerge as Demand Rises

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Microsoft announced the release of its Coco Framework to reduce the complexity of operational and security needs present in many healthcare blockchain implementations. The framework aims to provide organizations with a steady guide on how...

Dropbox Supports Healthcare Data Exchange and Collaboration

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

The adoption of Dropbox as a healthcare data exchange tool for content sharing and collaboration is on the rise in healthcare. Dropbox is a cloud-based, file-hosting service that makes a user’s files available on all devices by...


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