Healthcare Data Security

Medical Device Security Begins with Health IT Infrastructure

November 9, 2017 - Medical device security complexities continue to plague healthcare as organizations look for health IT infrastructure solutions to exchange data over the network. As more medical devices connect to the network, the more complex securely exchanging data becomes. Rule and regulations can be implemented for connected devices, but proactively increasing network security and functionality is the...

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WPA2 Vulnerability Threatens Healthcare Network Security

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC) released an announcement warning organizations about a wide-spread WPA2 protocol vulnerability. This vulnerability can access devices and WiFi access points (APs) to steal data or infect a protected network,...

How Visibility Provides Stronger Healthcare Cloud Security

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

TrapX Security announced integrated cloud data support for its DeceptionGrid solution for Amazon AWS EC2 and KVM Open stack. The integration is a response to the cloud security challenges presented by public and private cloud across all industries,...

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Improves Health IT ROI

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Chelsio Communications announced that its line of Terminator 5 & 6 (T5 & T6) 1/10/25/40/50/100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) iWARP (RDMA/TCP) enabled unified wire adapters have been validated to support hyper-converged infrastructure with Windows...

Using Firewalls to Prevent Health Data Security Risks

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Outside attacks pose healthcare data security risks as organizations continue to digitize their IT infrastructures. The advanced technology being deployed needs to be protected, which is why network firewalls need to adapt to current and future...

Healthcare Blockchain Focus of New IEEE Standards Association

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

IEEE announced the launch of its latest IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Industry Connections (IC) program: Digital Inclusion through Trust and Agency, which focuses on blockchain technology. The program will bring together subject matter...

IoT, BYOD Prompt Healthcare Cloud Security Market Growth

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

The healthcare cloud security market is growing as organizations continue to embrace cloud-based IT infrastructure solutions. According to a recent Markets and Markets report, the cloud security market is expected to rise steadily through 2022....

How to Protect Patient Healthcare Data from Shadow IT Threats

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Shadow IT is one of the most prominent threats to patient healthcare data because it often goes undetected unless the IT department has tools in place to flag and prevent the unauthorized use of third party apps and devices. Shadow IT comes into...

Hacker-Based Cyber Defense Increases Healthcare Data Security

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Synack announced that its hacker-powered intelligence platform is now backed by Microsoft and HPE and has raised over $20 million in a Series C round of funding to add more advanced healthcare data security. The new investment will be used to...

Utilizing Cloud Backup for Minimal HIT Infrastructure Downtime

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Backing up and recovering clinical data securely and easily during an outage is a top challenge for healthcare organizations.  Cloud backup and recovery solutions can bring security to health IT infrastructure by ensuring the latest data...

Healthcare CIOs Target Data Security, Physician Satisfaction

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare CIOs center their focus on data security and physician satisfaction when deciding which mobile technology is most important for their health IT infrastructure, according to a new survey conducted by the College of Healthcare Information...

CMS to Update Infrastructure for Quality Payment System

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has selected Okta Identity Cloud to improve security, scalability, and user experience in its build up to the official start of the Quality Payment Program as part of MACRA implementation. ...

New Data Security Prevents Healthcare Information Phishing

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Phishing attacks continue to be a significant threat to healthcare data security, and health IT vendors are working on new prevention techniques to combat them. Menlo Security is the latest vendor to produce new security architecture to defend...

Using Firewalls to Strengthen Healthcare Network Security

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Firewalls are the the first line of defense for securing healthcare network against the public internet. Firewalls are digital walls that stand between protected health data and potentially dangerous malware. Following an established set of rules,...

Virtualization for Secure Healthcare Data Access Control

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Granting network access and enforcing access protocols are a large part of healthcare network security. Access control keeps unwanted and harmful visitors from gaining access to protected health information (PHI) by having users authenticate...


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