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Healthcare Blockchain Could Solve Industry’s Biggest Problems

November 26, 2018 - Healthcare blockchain could solve some of the biggest problems in healthcare, such as compliance, interoperability, and data security issues, according to a recent study by CB Insights. The report looked at healthcare blockchain use cases in the short, medium, and long term. In the short term, healthcare blockchain could help simplify back-office operations, enhance...

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Upgrading Healthcare Network Security to Protect Patient Data

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Last year, healthcare network data breaches hit an all-time high as cyberattackers targeted patient records. Entities need to gain more visibility and control over their networks and protect patient data by upgrading healthcare network...

Verification, Automation Strengthen Healthcare Network Security

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Organizations going through a digital transformation are challenged when it comes to ensuring their healthcare network security can handle all the traffic and different devices connecting to it. Many organizations lack visibility and...

Healthcare Wireless Network Applications Provide Flexibility

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare wireless networks are adapting to provide more intelligent technology. Because of this, organizations need to seek out vendors that can provide intelligent access layers to support future network automation, according to...

Healthcare PCs Reduce Secure Login Times, Improve Patient Care

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare organizations continue to digitize their health IT infrastructure, which calls for more advanced tools for clinicians that reduce secure login times. HP Senior Director of Worldwide Healthcare Reid Oakes told...


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