EHR Data Migration

UC San Diego Begins Cloud Infrastructure Migration with Epic EHR

September 28, 2017 - Healthcare organizations continue to move to the cloud as they seek more flexibility for their IT infrastructure environment. UC San Diego Health recently moved their EHR to an Epic-hosted cloud environment to shift away from their traditional data center and to a less expensive cloud environment. UC San Diego is the central location for EHR systems serving UC Riverside Health and its community...

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Gigabit Healthcare Network Speeds Support HIT Infrastructure

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Comcast announced the expansion of its DOCSIS 3.1-based internet service to the North Eastern and Mid-Atlantic US, bringing gigabit internet speeds to healthcare networks along with other enterprise grade verticals. The new Business Internet...

C-Level Executives Fear Missing Healthcare Cloud Innovations

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

A recent report released by Commvault revealed that 81 percent of C-level executives are concerned that their organization is not adopting new cloud technologies quickly enough, and even fear missing out on cloud advancements. The report’s...

Successful Healthcare Cloud Depends on Network Connectivity

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Zayo announced its collaboration with Peak 10 by providing its CloudLink service in Peak 10 data centers. This allows Peak 10 users to access Zayo’s fiber network while leveraging the healthcare cloud. Zayo’s fiber network connects...

Avoiding the Top 3 Clinical Data Migration Mistakes

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare organizations are faced with the challenge of clinical data migration, which is a rigorous and often underestimated undertaking, especially when it comes to the cloud. The consequences of migrating clinical data incorrectly are vast...

Healthcare Data Migration Benefits from Cloud Tools

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Every organization will undergo major and minor healthcare data migrations as clinical data needs to be moved to more advanced and scalable storage solutions. Understanding the data so the migration is done correctly the first time is the biggest...

Overcoming Healthcare Hybrid Cloud Storage Challenges

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Hybrid cloud storage environments are a reality for healthcare organizations seeking to digitize their health IT infrastructure. However, many entities are challenged when deciding which workloads and applications are best suited for the cloud,...

Healthcare Cloud Data Migration Challenges Organizations

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare cloud data migration challenges most organizations that are upgrading their IT infrastructure to include more advanced solutions. As health IT infrastructure technology continues to evolve, clinical data is outliving the devices and...

PokitDok, Merck, Orion Make AWS Announcements at HIMSS17

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

HIMSS17 was not short on Amazon Web Services (AWS) announcements as vendors touched on plans to utilize the service to bring more flexibility and continence to their health IT infrastructure solutions. As HITInfrastructure.com will review here,...

IBM, Dell EMC Release Improved Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

IBM and Dell EMC made recent announcements on simplifying their respective hybrid cloud infrastructure solutions. IBM is accelerating hybrid cloud adoption by providing its business partners access to VMware Cloud Foundation for additional VMware-based...

Avanade, Citrix Integrate Microsoft Azure and VDI Environments

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Avanade announced the latest initiative in its strategic partnership with Citrix focused on assisting clients taking a cloud-first approach to building digital workspaces for end-users. The latest initiative will use Avanade’s assets and...

Actifio Announces Support of Microsoft Azure Migration

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Data virtualization company Actifio has announced its support of Microsoft Azure via Actifio Sky to enable instant recovery across data centers and cloud-based infrastructure. Microsoft Azure is currently one of the most popular healthcare cloud...

5 Essential Steps for Healthcare Cloud Data Migration

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Cloud migration is the process of moving data from on-site storage into the cloud, or from one cloud storage service model to another. Cloud migration is a delicate process involving careful planning from IT staff, especially in the healthcare...


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