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Hospitals Still Using Manual Processes for Supply Chain Management

March 11, 2019 - Close to half of hospitals use manual processes like spreadsheets to manage supply chain data, according to a survey of 100 hospital leaders. Thirty-seven percent of respondents said they use Excel or other Microsoft tools to track margins per case for operating room (OR) procedures, according to the poll conducted by Sage Growth Partners on behalf of supply chain management...

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Digital Health Technology Needs to Fit into the Clinical Workflow

by Fred Donovan

CAMBRIDGE—The biggest question when it come to digital health technology is not getting “new, cool stuff” into the hospital, but how can it fit seamlessly into the existing clinical workflow, observed Jaydeo Kinikar, head...

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market to See 22% CAGR Through 2023

by Fred Donovan

The healthcare big data analytics market is forecast by P&S Market Research to experience a strong compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22 percent, reaching a market value of $22.7 billion by 2023. Factors driving market growth...

Teva Uses IBM Watson for Healthcare Data Management

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

IBM has partnered with Teva Pharmaceuticals to discover new treatment options and improve chronic disease management, both projects running on IBM Watson Health Cloud. The duo are working together on an initiative that combines Teva's...

Will Multi-Cloud Gain Traction in Health IT Infrastructure?

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare data is no longer limited to on-premise servers as cloud storage continues to gain a firm foothold in the healthcare industry. Cloud storage exists in many forms, but not every cloud storage service option is the right fit for...

Actifio’s Virtualization Eliminates IT Infrastructure Copy Data

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Copy data is redundant copies of data stored on healthcare servers. Data is copied because unstructured analytics, migration, and backup solutions are copying and archiving data independently. This uncoordinated process results in...

Dell EMC Improves Healthcare Data Archives with New Releases

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Dell EMC has just announced their latest managed service solutions, Dell EMC Clinical Archiving 2.0., and Dell EMC InfoArchive 4.1. The two solutions are part of the Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division (EDC) and designed to provide...

What the Growth of Data Virtualization Means for Healthcare

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

As part of an evolving health IT infrastructure, data virtualization offers a number of benefits from mobilizing access to clinical health data to organizing clearance parameters. Virtualization can also pose challenges for maintaining...


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