Data Storage

New AWS Collaborations Ease Health IT Cloud Storage Options

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is increasing storage and cloud migration options by collaborating with Qualcomm and Actifio to produce more tailored solutions for organizations looking to improve their IT infrastructure environment.  Qualcomm...

Identifying IaaS Improvements for Health IT Infrastructure

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare organizations looking to advance their IT infrastructure with cloud technology are considering infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) options, but IT decision-makers must first identify their infrastructure needs and the potential...

Healthcare IT Budgets Restrict On-Premise Server Deployments

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Deciding on a cloud or on-premise solution is a challenge for any healthcare organization, especially when it comes to EHR solutions and data storage. Many factors such as security, control, connectivity, scalability, and cost determine which...

New Technologies Require Solid Health IT Infrastructure

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

The healthcare IT solutions market is projected to reach $228.79 billion by 2020 and lead to significant changes to the industry’s IT infrastructure.  Research firm MarketsandMarkets estimates that the global health IT market including...

AWS Eases Health IT Cloud Server Migration with New Tool

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Amazon Web Services (AWS) released their Server Migration Service (SMS) for enterprise cloud migration last week to assist organizations needing to move their existing IT infrastructure to the cloud. AWS Server Migration Service assists organizations...

Cost Proves Biggest Benefit, Challenge for Virtualization

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Enterprise IT departments are using virtualization to consolidate servers, increase provisioning time, and provide infrastructure for developers to build and deploy applications, according to a recent survey conducted by Red Hat. Red Hat surveyed...

Acronis Releases Blockchain Based Software-Defined Storage

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Acronis has recently announced the release of Acronis Storage, a software-defined storage product with blockchain-based data authentication and universal file, block and object support. The product uses Acronis CloudRAID and Acronis Notary along...

Teva Uses IBM Watson for Healthcare Data Management

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

IBM has partnered with Teva Pharmaceuticals to discover new treatment options and improve chronic disease management, both projects running on IBM Watson Health Cloud. The duo are working together on an initiative that combines Teva's therapeutic...

Are Software-Defined Data Centers Growing in Health IT?

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

A software-defined data center is an evolving technology that virtualizes components of an organization’s data architecture, saving on cost and space. So is it a good fit for health IT infrastructure? A software-defined data center (SDDC),...

New Dell EMC Hyper-Converged Appliances Simplify Health IT

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Dell EMC announced the expansion of their converged systems portfolio by integrating their PowerEdge servers into VxRail Appliances and VxRack System 1000 hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Dell EMC appears to be heeding the demand for simpler...

Pure Storage, Cisco to Improve Infrastructure Data Storage

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Pure Storage has announced their expanded collaboration with Cisco to improve their FlashStack Converged Infrastructure Solution allowing data centers to better support large-scale virtual desktop deployments. Pure Storage chose Cisco as a partner...

Will Multi-Cloud Gain Traction in Health IT Infrastructure?

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare data is no longer limited to on-premise servers as cloud storage continues to gain a firm foothold in the healthcare industry. Cloud storage exists in many forms, but not every cloud storage service option is the right fit for each...

Actifio’s Virtualization Eliminates IT Infrastructure Copy Data

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Copy data is redundant copies of data stored on healthcare servers. Data is copied because unstructured analytics, migration, and backup solutions are copying and archiving data independently. This uncoordinated process results in multiple...

Dell EMC Improves Healthcare Data Archives with New Releases

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Dell EMC has just announced their latest managed service solutions, Dell EMC Clinical Archiving 2.0., and Dell EMC InfoArchive 4.1. The two solutions are part of the Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division (EDC) and designed to provide organizations...

How Hadoop Supports Healthcare Data Analytics Infrastructure

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Organizations looking to embrace data analytics for improved patient care may want to consider Hadoop as a solution for their healthcare data infrastructure. Hadoop is an open-source distributed data storage and analytics application. Hadoop...

Healthcare Cloud Migration Challenges, Strategies for Success

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Migrating data from one storage type to another is no small task for healthcare organizations. Choosing a new storage method or upgrading an existing one involves moving all existing data from one location (physical or digital) to another. Organizations...

Comparing Public, Private, Hybrid Healthcare Cloud Storage

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

One of the biggest hesitations healthcare organizations have when deciding on health data storage is the security of the cloud. It’s important to consider that the data storage decision is more than simply between cloud or on-premise storage,...

Comparing On-Premise, Cloud Healthcare Data Storage Solution

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Storing electronic health data is one of the more precarious decisions that needs to be made when deciding on a new health IT infrastructure or upgrading a current one. Along with the network, data storage is one of the largest technical undertakings...


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