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Choosing Between Healthcare Public Cloud, Private Cloud

November 15, 2017 - Organizations are presented with many choices when seeking out cloud computing technology for their health IT infrastructure. Healthcare public cloud and private cloud are two options entities need to consider. Organizations can deploy a combination of public and private cloud for their data storage, but it’s important for them to understand the fundamentals of each, along with the benefits...

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Navigating the Benefits, Challenges of Healthcare Hybrid Cloud

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Organizations are adopting more digital tools into their health IT infrastructures, which calls for a more flexible IT environment. Entities are looking to have the security and access of on-premises data centers while benefiting from the flexibility...

Healthcare BYOD Security Embraces Cloud, Biometric Authentication

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Organizations demand more flexibility from their healthcare mobile strategy as clinicians are able to access information in more convenient ways. However, entities need to be aware of how healthcare BYOD security affects the network. Bitglass...

Healthcare SaaS Applications Reduce Cost, Improve Flexibility

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Healthcare SaaS applications are becoming more common as organizations migrate parts of their infrastructure to digitize their IT environment. However, not all cloud-based infrastructure is the right fit for all applications. Organizations need...

Microsoft Azure Supports Cognizant Healthcare Cloud Solution

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Cognizant announced the release of its TriZetto Healthcare Cloud Solution for healthcare payers, powered by Microsoft Azure. TriZetto Healthcare Cloud Solution is a compliant managed service platform aimed at providing increased operational efficiency,...

ClearDATA Debuts Healthcare Cloud Container Management Option

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

ClearDATA announced the release of its first fully managed containers-as-a-service (CaaS) solution to assist organizations and their DevOps teams quickly and securely deploy individual applications in a HIPAA-compliant healthcare cloud environment....

Healthcare Cloud Becomes IT Infrastructure Necessity

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Cloud computing has played a part in IT infrastructure for nearly a decade, and according to most recent research, the healthcare cloud market will undergo steady evolution in the coming years.  The authors of Gartner’s Market Guide...

Lack of Threat Intelligence Tools Weaken Health Data Security

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Higher levels of EHR adoption and the increasing amount of data stored digitally make cybersecurity a top priority for health IT infrastructure. However, findings from a recent survey find that most health IT security professionals consider threat...


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