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VMWorld 2017 Highlights Collaboration for Innovation

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger spoke on the progression of health IT infrastructure and advancement of virtualization technology in his day one VMworld 2017 keynote.

VMworld 2017

Source: Xtelligent Media

By Elizabeth O'Dowd

- LAS VEGAS — VMworld 2017 kicked off with a keynote address from VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger that touched on several major themes working through the health IT infrastructure industry.

Major points included the expectation end users have as the consumerization of IT takes hold of the healthcare industry. Gelsinger also discussed the movement away from the centralization of cloud, which has been a staple for nearly 10 years.

Gelsinger also compared recent technological advancements to science fiction becoming “science fact.”

“Here we are in 2017 and what was once considered science fiction is now here,” Gelsinger said. “While we might not be ready for true science fiction, we have the capability to continue reaching levels previously thought impossible.”

Gelsinger reviewed several significant technological progressions, including cures for diseases, then posed the question, “What’s the most profound change of them all?”

“Maybe it’s what our expectations are every day, when it comes to technology,” he said. “It’s hard to believe that our expectations have changed so radically in such a short period of time. A one year old can pick up a smartphone, touch the screen and expect things to happen.”

“Tech is leaving the nest of tech,” Gelsinger continued. “Every major vertical is having their breakout moments. In every case we’re seeing tech driven models structure entire industries.”

Evolving expectation drives innovation in health IT. Users are much more aware of the possibilities surrounding technology and how they can benefit all major verticals. Healthcare organizations need to continue to evolve their health IT infrastructure around these expectations to serve patients.

Technology is moving forward to improve the quality of life through automating jobs that are tough on people. Automating jobs doesn’t have the long term goal of eliminating jobs, but instead aims to create higher value jobs to support continuous innovation, according to Gelsinger.

Advancements have been made over the past year for enterprise technology, many of which are the result of vendors collaborating with each other and vendors collaborating with customers.

Gelsinger mentioned healthcare as one of the major industries that still has a long way to go in the digital space, saying how it’s on the cusp of transformation.

“Fifty percent of IT is going into customer experiences and the other 50 percent is dedicated to keeping the lights on,” Gelsinger explained. “Things are improving and life expectancy is improving but we still have a long way to go in improving their IT infrastructure.”

Medtronic Director of IT Hosting and Transformation and Modernization Karine Semmer took the stage to express how it’s the responsibility of medical device companies to use the developing technology to improve patient care.

The technology mentioned throughout the address stuck to a common theme of providing organizations with more visibility and connectivity, whether referring to the cloud or security.

Enterprise technology is generally shifting from a centralized approach made popular by the cloud to a decentralized approach as users demand more capabilities.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is pushing enterprise technology back to the edge as physical meets digital, Gelsinger explained. Technology needs to increase its surface area and embrace what processes can be done at the edge.

Vmware’s overall aim is to virtualize and help organizations embrace the efficiencies that advancing technology offers, Gelsinger explained.

Gelsinger also made several major announcements during his keynote with the intent of providing organizations with consistent cloud infrastructure and tools that make it easier to manage all the layers of IT infrastructure.

These included the availability of VMware Cloud on AWS, an expanded set of products and services for VMware Cloud, the launch of VMware AppDefense, and a new partnership with HP.


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