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VMware, AWS Announce HIPAA-Eligible Hybrid Cloud

VMware and AWS announced that their joint hybrid cloud offering is now officially HIPAA eligible.

HIPAA-Compliant Hybrid Cloud

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By Elizabeth O'Dowd

- VMware Cloud on AWS completed its third-party examination and now offers a HIPAA-compliant hybrid cloud environment for healthcare organizations.

Healthcare organizations are continuing to move parts of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. The scalability and flexibility of the cloud makes it an appealing way to store data and access tools.

Large cloud vendors working together can help organizations sync their cloud environment with other IT infrastructure tools.

“Combining the best of VMware and AWS, VMware Cloud on AWS provides customers an operationally consistent and familiar way to run, manage and secure applications in a hybrid cloud and provides access to a broad range of innovative and comprehensive AWS services including robust disaster protection,” VMware Director of Healthcare Industry Solutions James Millington said in a statement.

“Healthcare organizations can continue to use VMware tools to manage their VMware Cloud on AWS environments without having to retrain staff, purchase custom hardware, rewrite applications, or modify their operating model.”

“There has also been nervousness about the cloud, with security being one of the biggest concerns,” he continued. “Today’s announcement from VMware and AWS will provide a much-needed checkbox for healthcare organizations as they begin their journey to the cloud.”

VMware and AWS have been partners in the hybrid cloud arena for some time. Back in late 2016, the companies first announced their hybrid cloud collaboration, stating that “AWS will be VMware’s primary public cloud infrastructure partner and VMware will be AWS’s primary private cloud partner in their strategic alliance.”

Further details of the partnership were later revealed at VMworld 2017 in the opening keynote.

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger stated that CIOs are searching for consistent cloud infrastructure to meet demands, which include building new apps quickly, leveraging legacy apps, and having flexibility and control over multiple cloud environments within a single infrastructure.

The partnership between AWS and VMware allows customers to leverage tools from both companies to integrate on-premise data center environments with AWS using existing infrastructure.

VMware integrated hybrid cloud extends to on-premise vSphere environments to a VMware SDDC running on AWS elastic, bare metal infrastructure.

“With the availability of VMware Cloud on AWS, for the first time customers can operate a consistent and seamless hybrid IT environment that combines the VMware software they love with the unmatched functionality, security, and operational expertise of the AWS Cloud,” said AWS CEO Andy Jassy.

“The majority of the world’s enterprises have virtualized their data centers with VMware, and now these customers can easily move applications between their on-premises environments and AWS without having to purchase any new hardware, rewrite their applications, or modify their operations.”

VMware Cloud on AWS includes:

  • Enterprise capabilities of VMware SDDC with the functionality operational ability of AWS’s public cloud
  • Identical skills, tools, and processes for managing private and public cloud environments so customers have consistent operations, improved productivity, and reduced costs
  • Fast and bi-directional workload portability between private and public clouds
  • Flexibility to choose where to run applications based on business needs, while having access to AWS services and infrastructure elasticity for VMware SDDC environments
  • Ability to scale host capacity up or down in a few minutes, and spin up an entire VMware SDDC in less than a day
  • Ability to run, manage, and secure applications in a hybrid IT environment without having to purchase custom hardware, rewrite applications, or modify operating models  

Major vendor collaborations can make is easier for organizations adapt new technology to legacy solutions especially if those solutions are also made by one of the vendors involved. This collaboration makes interoperability among disparate systems by the collaborating vendors easier to handle during data migration.


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