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Virtustream Announces HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Cloud Service

Virtustream's focuses on healthcare with its new HIPAA compliant healthcare cloud service to manage mission-critical applications and workflows.

Virtustream releases HIPAA compliant healthcare cloud.

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By Elizabeth O'Dowd

- Virtustream announced the release of the Virtustream Healthcare Cloud at Dell EMC World Las Vegas. The Dell Technologies business’ new service provides healthcare organizations with mission critical platforms and applications on Virtustream Enterprise Cloud in a HIPAA/HITECH compliant environment with managed services and infrastructure availability service level agreements (SLAs).

The company launched their latest cloud service in response to growing health IT infrastructure demands. Organizations are expanding the use of their EHRs and integrating different analytic and patient platforms.

Healthcare organizations need a secure and flexible platform to support and manage all these solutions, and on-premises infrastructure is not capable of scaling to those demands.

“Today’s healthcare sector faces many pressure points. Providers must modernize their IT infrastructure to support their evolving clinical care and patient management systems, while aging infrastructure and limited staff mean they’re often completely consumed with managing legacy day-to-day operations,” Virtustream Vice President Michael Hoch said in a statement.

“Virtustream introduces an enterprise-class solution to manage healthcare’s most complex and mission-critical applications, thus freeing healthcare providers not only to embrace the digital future, but also to focus on their core mission of saving patient lives,” Hoch continued.

The new healthcare cloud service is built on Virtustream Enterprise Cloud and is designed for the highly secure and complex IT environment healthcare mission critical apps and workloads demand from IT infrastructure.

Cloud-based health IT infrastructure systems save organizations money because entities only have to pay for the resources they use. A cloud-based infrastructure can be scaled up to meet needs during times of high volume, or down to prevent organizations from wasting resources not in use.

Virtustream Healthcare Cloud provides organizations with cloud infrastructure and managed services to manage all mission critical systems including EHRs, ERP systems, workforce management systems, precision medicine platforms, picture archive and communication systems (PACS), and others. The service also supports HIPAA and HITECH compliance by providing layered and in-depth security protocols to protect patient information.

The healthcare cloud solution offers in-region hosting to meet country-specific data residency requirements. Virtustream Healthcare Cloud can also be deployed in public cloud environments.

The solution offers a number of healthcare and non-healthcare applications (ERP, workforce management, Sharepoint, etc.). It also includes the Virtustream EMR Service which is a new offering.  The Virtustream EMR Service includes Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, and optional managed services for technical management of the EMR application suite’s infrastructure, database, application delivery, and data interfaces. 

The company also announced its Virtustream Enterprise Cloud Connector for VMware vRealize Automation at Dell EMC World Las Vegas.

The offering enables organizations to extend VMware infrastructure to Virtustream Enterprise Cloud in the face of the growing demand for hybrid cloud environments.

“One of the top challenges among enterprises when embracing hybrid cloud is balancing agility and choice with governance, compliance, performance, security and cost, all while enabling efficiency and reliability of their cloud infrastructures,” Virtustream President and CTO Kevin Reid said in a statement. “From vRealize Automation, customers can provision and manage workloads in VMware-based environments including Virtustream Enterprise Cloud.”

Healthcare organizations are turning to hybrid cloud infrastructure to take advantage of all potential efficiency and cost advantages. The demand drives the need for a secure, compliant way to place workloads and application components outside of private cloud environments.

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud Connector runs, protects, and manages core business applications with VMware’s highly available cloud infrastructure. Virtustream Enterprise Cloud’s security, performance, and availability are designed for the enterprise.

The solution includes enterprise-class cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and multi-factor authentication, encryption, vulnerability scans. The solution also allows organizations to adopt and run applications and workloads based on regulatory compliances including HIPAA/HITECH, NIST 800-53, FedRAMP, and SOC2.

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud Connector aims to assist organizations in securely extending their IT infrastructures into the cloud efficiently and easily.


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