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Oracle, Ivanti Announce New Data Integration Cloud Services

Oracle and Ivati announce release of new data integration cloud services for IT infrastructure.

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By Elizabeth O'Dowd

- Oracle announced the expansion of its cloud platform’s integration offering with Oracle Data Integrator Cloud. The new service aims to simplify and accelerate cross-enterprise data integration to support real-time analytics.

Oracle released the expansion in response to the increased amount of enterprise data moving to the cloud. Organizations need to get the right information to the right people at the right time, which becomes more difficult as more devices are connecting to the network. Organizations are dealing with structured and unstructured data that can be difficult to process in real-time without the right tools.

Oracle Data Integrator Cloud improves agility by deploying projects more quickly to reduce the risk of using proprietary technology and increase productivity.

"To be effective and agile, enterprises need seamless communication and flow of data between sources and targets - data originating from IoT, Web, and business applications or data that is stored in the cloud or on premises," Oracle Vice President of Product Management Jeff Pollock said in a statement.

Oracle Data Integrator Cloud improves productivity by facilitating better data movement across the network and transferring data among systems, data sources, and applications. The more efficient transfer of data allows organizations to embrace a flow-based user interface with management capabilities to keep track of development, testing, and production environments.

Cloud-based data integration is used in healthcare organizations to cut through the massive amounts of data produced by Internet of Things (IoT) and other connected medical devices. Data integration solutions can be expensive, but deploying the solution in the cloud reduces the total cost of ownership and gives organizations a scalable solution.

Ivanti also announced its expanded suite of cloud-based integration solution for datacenter and hybrid cloud security. The expanded portfolio supports Ivanti’s multi-layered defense strategy for endpoint protection.

Ivanti portfolio includes Application Control for Windows Servers, which allows organizations to target common server workloads and provide an additional layer of protection around them. This new product prevents the execution of unauthorized applications and malware on servers through a Trusted Ownership model.

The portfolio also includes Ivanti Patch for Windows Servers, which offers agentless-patching designed for the needs of the data center. It also provides a single automated solution commonly found on both physical and virtual servers.

The Ivanti portfolio also introduces an advanced API stack designed to integrate with security solutions, SIEM platforms, vulnerability scanners and orchestrators. Patch operations are enabled to be native to an existing ecosystem of security products, while also allowing organizations to bridge the gap between security and operations for greater DevOps confidence.

"Our defense-in-depth approach to security is focused on the prevention, detection and remediation of security threats, regardless of where they may penetrate the IT landscape," Ivanti Vice President of Product Management Duane Newman said. "Our expanded suite of data center security solutions further extends our protection reach across today's enterprise, from desktops to servers, so that customers can have confidence that their environment is secure."

Oracle and Ivanti’s new releases emphasize the importance of automation data integration for enterprises and the security solutions needed to protect the data collected by IoT and connected devices. As more organizations move parts of their IT infrastructure into the cloud, more automated and secure solutions are necessary to protect the data.


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