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Microsoft Azure Supports Cognizant Healthcare Cloud Solution

Cognizant announced its TriZetto Healthcare Cloud Solution powered by Microsoft Azure.

TriZetta Healthcare Cloud Solution is powered by Microsoft Azure

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By Elizabeth O'Dowd

- Cognizant announced the release of its TriZetto Healthcare Cloud Solution for healthcare payers, powered by Microsoft Azure.

TriZetto Healthcare Cloud Solution is a compliant managed service platform aimed at providing increased operational efficiency, automation, and reduced administrative costs. Its on-demand infrastructure is based on Cognizant’s previous version of TriZetto, including QNXT end-to-end core administration software.

Deploying the solution on Microsoft Azure means TriZetto Healthcare Cloud Solution is a HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF-certified cloud platform, according to Microsoft. Azure gives users the flexibility to scale their cloud platform up or down easily depending on how much space they need or how many tools they use. This saves organizations money by letting them only pay for the cloud infrastructure they use.

 "Businesses of all sizes are using Microsoft Azure to power their digital transformations while reducing their dependency on legacy technology, finding new ways to leverage digital channels, and rethinking how their businesses, and their people, work together,” Microsoft Executive Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Business Judson Althoff said in a statement.

“The TriZetto Healthcare Cloud Solution from Cognizant capitalizes on the advanced security, compliance and economic benefits of Azure to help health insurers become more agile and efficient while lowering costs," Althoff continued.

Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corporation (WPS Health Solutions, a non-profit health insurer, uses TriZetto Healthcare Cloud. WPS Health Solutions plans to migrate its administrative infrastructure to the cloud.

The organization hopes the migration will allow it to introduce advanced technologies into its infrastructure quicker and improve operational efficiencies.

"Health insurance and benefits administration are changing rapidly, and we're committed to using the latest digital technologies to innovate and lead while improving the quality of service to our members," WPS Health Solutions CIO Kerra Guffey said in a statement.

"By leveraging Cognizant's expertise and TriZetto's healthcare platform on Microsoft Azure cloud, we are confident we will improve the services we provide to our members, securely test new capabilities without disrupting our business, and improve operational efficiencies."

TriZetto Healthcare Cloud Solution is a pre-built Azure cloud-enabled solution. The platform uses Azure tools to provide users with a secure and efficient environment.

Azure is the most widely used cloud service provider in the healthcare industry and many vendors deploy their cloud solutions on Azure because of its healthcare certifications. Vendors often partner with Azure to produce robust end-to-end solutions to offer customers a more compete cloud solution.

Microsoft Azure gives healthcare organizations close integration with other Microsoft tools such as SharePoint, Office 365 and Outlook. Entities can also use the same virtual machines in Azure that they use on-premises, like Windows and Linux, which simplifies things.

A vast majority of healthcare organizations already operate on Windows OS and use many Microsoft tools in their workflow. Choosing Azure as a cloud service provider makes sense because all of those tools are already supported and integrated into the system.

Late last year, HIPAA compliant managed hosting solution provider Connectria Hosting announced the ability for customers to run HIPAA compliant environments in Microsoft Azure.

Connectria Hosting allows organizations to choose the cloud hosting environment and technology stack that works best for their IT infrastructure.

The company then provides HIPAA/HITECH managed services, including a suite of security and support features designed to specifically address HIPAA and HITECH standards, including the appropriate methods of encryption within each cloud environment.

Actifio also announced its support of Azure earlier this year by supporting data migration to Azure. Actifio’s data virtualization platform leverages many Azure applications and the company saw value in assisting organizations migrate its data.

Many healthcare organizations choose cloud platforms based on infrastructure that is not only trusted, but also easy to integrate. By keeping consistent with Azure, organizations have an easier time integrating and deploying cloud solutions. 


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