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Healthcare Mobile App Usability Demands Efficient Development

Healthcare mobile apps increase user flexibility and organizations need to consider tools that will help build compliant, usable apps quickly.

healthcare mobile apps

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By Elizabeth O'Dowd

- Healthcare mobile apps are becoming more popular as users adjust to the flexibility and easy access mobile tools offer. Mobility can improve workflow and allow clinicians to spend more time engaging patients.

Purchasing and producing quality mobile tools and applications is key to a successful mobile strategy. Applications need to be secure and connect to the correct data, but users also must be engaged with well-designed and usable apps.

Mobile tools allow users to collaborate virtually through web-based apps and platforms, which increases workflow, according to a recent Citrix survey.

Citrix also reported that mobile flexibility improves employee experience by boosting morale and increasing productivity. Mobility support can also attract talent over organizations without flexible work environments.

Cloud-based apps are critical to a successful healthcare mobile strategy with 80 percent of users surveyed reporting that their organization uses cloud-based applications. Cloud-based apps increase efficiency, accuracy, and quality.

App development is a large part of health IT infrastructure digital transformation and organizations need an app development strategy and tools to meet the growing demand for mobile apps.

Low-code app development platforms are one way organizations can build apps quickly without hiring in-house app developers, which can get expensive.

Low-code development platforms provide a customizable framework for apps to be built, essentially offering the developer a drag-and-drop interface to develop apps. Apps are developed at a much faster rate because they don’t need to be built from the ground up. This allows organizations to develop more apps and deploy them quicker.

Low-code development platforms also give non-developers the opportunity to create apps. Organizations don’t need to bid against other organizations for experienced developers because users can create their own apps with the help of a developer instead of hiring a team of developers.

Vendors are recognizing the need for low-code app development platforms in healthcare. Entities need to become more agile in their app development to build tools that will improve patient care.

For example, Appian and Luxoft recently announced their collaboration to deliver end-to-end low-code solutions to healthcare and life science companies.

"Speed to market and enabling life altering treatments for patients faster and cheaper is a continuous aspiration for all of us in the Life Sciences,” Appian Vice President of Global Pharma and Life Sciences Evi Cohen said in a statement. “Technology and software are finally getting to the point where we can make a real difference. The right platform in the right hands will permit us to move the needle here.”

The platform will focus on healthcare and life science specific challenges such as clinical operations, regulatory compliance, GxP compliance, and regulatory information management.

Low-code app development platforms focused specifically on solving healthcare challenges can significantly improve app quality and allow organizations to produce apps quickly.

“Usually healthcare organizations have a specific problem they’re trying to solve, and they realize that there is no off the shelf solution that can fit to their custom requirements,” Caspio VP of Market Development Valaine Anderson explained to HITInfrastructure.com in a previous interview. “They are considering having traditional developers build it or a low code platform.”

“If a low code platform can fulfill all their project requirements while also taking care of compliance it can be a good fit,” she continued. “Over time, as an organization continues to deploy applications, they can use the low code platforms to build applications for other departments.”

Healthcare organizations need to consider tools that will help them continue through their digital transformation while remaining compliant with healthcare rules and regulations. More vendors are recognizing that need and entities will benefit from consulting with vendors that offer healthcare low-code app development tools.


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