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Healthcare Data Centers Call For Cloud, Virtualization

Organizations need to consider cloud and virtualization solutions to build a futureproof healthcare data center.

healthcare data center

Source: Thinkstock

By Elizabeth O'Dowd

  1. As IT infrastructure technology evolves, organizations are looking to use more advanced tools for their healthcare data centers.

- A recent Research and Markets report predicted that the data center services market will grow at a CAGR of nearly 14 percent through 2023.

Data center services includes cloud and hosting, networks, consulting, and virtualization among others. These technologies will provide organizations with faster data center connections and better scalability and elasticity as healthcare organizations continue to increasingly collect and store medical data.

The data center network technology solutions support core/spine switches, server access switches, virtual switching, programmable Ethernet fabrics, network automation, and network overlays along with other emerging approaches based on disaggregation of hardware from software components, according to Gartner.  


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