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Epic Names VMware RDS Hosted Applications a Target Platform

Epic Names VMware RDS hosted applications as the latest Target Platform for Epic 2015.

By Elizabeth O'Dowd

VMware announced their RDS hosted applications are included in the Epic 2015 Target Platform list. Epic’s Target Platform List assists healthcare organizations in selecting validated architectures and platforms for the delivery of electronic health records (EHRs).

Epic Target Platform list

Organizations currently using VMware and Epic can now use VMware’s software-defined data center platform and the VMware Digital Clinical Workspace to host, deliver, monitor, and manage their EHRs from the data center to the point of care, helping to ensure high-quality patient care and improve outcomes at lower costs.

RDS host or remote desktop session host is a server that hosts applications and desktop sessions for remote access.

“We’re trying to incorporate a digital workspace that not only has the tools users are used to from work, but some of the other tools we think they’re going to want to use from their home,” said Austin Park, Principal Consultant at LCMC Health.

“The tools from VMware gives us a better controlled environment where we can really control our operating costs,” Park continued. “From a support perspective, VMware gives us new tools we didn’t have before to support the end users better, to be more responsive, and to be able to keep track of changes in the environment. It also allows us to go back and change the environment without causing downtime for the users.“

VMware healthcare solutions include:

  • A complete platform for delivering EHR functionality: VMware solutions for healthcare have achieved seven Target Platform designations from the EHR provider for components across the data center to the point of care.
  • Support for any kind of desktop and application delivery: VMware provides a broad choice of desktop, application, deployment, and mobility scenarios.
  • Simplified management and analytics: VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon and VMware Care Systems Analytics for Epic extends monitoring visibility into infrastructure and provider workflows, providing complete visibility into performance across all aspects of the EHR platform and supporting infrastructure.
  • Transformational clinical mobility: VMware AirWatch, part of the VMware Digital Clinical Workspace, provides healthcare IT with a single platform to manage all devices through a variety of ownership models. Bring-your-own (BYO), hospital-owned, check-in/check-out, and single application modes provide flexibility in how devices can be managed and used.
  • Enhanced security: VMware and its robust partner ecosystem helps reduce data theft, malware, and ransomware threats while improving overall security postures.
  • Simplified storage: VMware Virtual SAN is a software-defined storage solution that enables healthcare IT teams using Horizon VDI to deliver better performance for much less cost.

LCMC Health recently built a new facility and chose to build their health IT infrastructure off of VMware tools.

“We needed to think about the user experience, our physicians our clinicians, making sure they have access to all of the right tools that they needed at the right time and place,” said Tanya Townsend, CIO of LCMC Health. “Now it’s more of a preference. Some people like to use their desktop, some people like to use their iPhone or their tablets etc. We need to be able to provide IT solutions that support their preferences. “

LCMC Health clinicians are responding well to the features that help them do their jobs more efficiently.

Things considered simple such as instant single sign-on by tapping a badge, saves much needed time for clinicians. According to Alan B. Marr, MD, FACS, Professor of Clinical Surgery and Vice Chair Informatics at LSU Health,  “previously a sign-on would take three or four minutes. If you’re going to several different computers on several different wards the advantage of having that single sign-on is amazing.”

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