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Dell EMC Improves Healthcare Data Archives with New Releases

Dell EMC's latest healthcare content archive updates, Clinical Archiving 2.0 and InfoArchive 4.1, address common archive health record retrieval challenges.

By Elizabeth O'Dowd

Dell EMC has just announced their latest managed service solutions, Dell EMC Clinical Archiving 2.0., and Dell EMC InfoArchive 4.1.

Healthcare Archives

The two solutions are part of the Dell EMC Enterprise Content Division (EDC) and designed to provide organizations with simplified ways to access and modify archived data.

“Customers now have a choice of deployment, as well as enhanced vertical use cases, making the InfoArchive family an unbeatable set of solutions for increasing operational efficiency and tapping into the power of data,” Dell EMC Vice President Industry Solutions & InfoArchive Andy Crowne said in a public statement.

Dell announced their acquisition of EMC last October and closed the deal early last month, Dell’s $67-billion acquisition of EMC is considered one of the largest tech deals in history and gives Dell access to EMC’s infrastructure technologies including data storage, virtualization, and cloud computing.

Dell EMC’s Clinical Archiving solution is designed specifically to address the host of challenges healthcare organizations face when dealing with structured and unstructured data.

The company notes that the solution provides organizations with an interface application so that healthcare professionals can view archived patient data and add new information within the archive. The “Release of Information” feature releases patient archive information so it can be exported in a single format, or printed.

Data volume is growing in the healthcare industry because more devices are collecting data which is being stored digitally. Healthcare data comes in many forms (e.g., files, text documents, photos, audio, video) which are not always compatible — meaning they can’t be stored in the same archive without being transformed.

Electronic health records (EHRs) are a particular concern for healthcare organizations because they can be both structured and unstructured. Many EHRs allow unstructured free text input for notes and patient narratives. Two forms of data in one document cause information translation errors when archived, presenting potential issues when exporting or sharing EHRs within an organization. Organizations using data for care improvements via predictive analytics may miss important information because it was not extracted properly.

The ArchiveVision feature allows users to view patient records as a snapshot or a timeline. The snapshot view gives medical professionals a quick, accurate view of a patient’s history and conditions. The timeline view displays the patient record in chronological order. Both views assist healthcare professionals in giving patients fast, accurate care.  

Dell EMC also announced an update to their InfoArchive solution. InfoArchive is a unified enterprise archiving program that stores structured and unstructured data in a single repository for easy access.

InfoArchive supports Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) giving authorized devices access to secure healthcare data while complying with security protocols already in place. InfoArchive eases the compatibility process by displaying and exporting data in common formats (e.g., PDF, XML, CSV, HTML).

"We have used Dell EMC InfoArchive for clinical archiving and have been impressed with the results,” said Martin Sizemore, Chief Data Officer at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. “In addition to experiencing even faster time to value than we expected, we have appreciated the compliance capabilities, which are critical in the healthcare industry. The new drag-and-drop interface, combined with enhanced compliance features, makes InfoArchive an even greater value to organizations like ours."

Content management collects and stores information in all digital formats for archiving purposes and requires careful monitoring. Archived data provides organizations ways to look into past processes for reference and future improvement. Digital content makes examining past data difficult when it comes in unstructured formats.

Dell EMC’s updates to their content management solutions gives healthcare organizations tools to easily access and modify records for faster information retrieval and improved patient care.

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