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Actifio Announces Support of Microsoft Azure Migration

Actifio Sky is now available to assist healthcare organizations migrate clinical data to Microsoft Azure quickly and securely.

By Elizabeth O'Dowd

- Data virtualization company Actifio has announced its support of Microsoft Azure via Actifio Sky to enable instant recovery across data centers and cloud-based infrastructure.

Actifio Sky, now available for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is currently one of the most popular healthcare cloud solutions and Actifio Sky can assist healthcare organizations looking to migrate clinical data to the cloud.

Actifio’s data virtualization platform leverages Microsoft Azure for their mission-critical applications. The copy data virtualization platform speeds up the migration process, accelerating hybrid cloud adoption for test data provisioning for application development, backup, disaster recovery, instant recovery, data migration, long-term retention or analytics.

"The move to cloud is a fundamental shift that allows IT leaders to break free from 20-year old mindsets, backup tools, and siloed approaches to data management that burden Ops and Dev teams and restrict agility between data centers and Cloud," said CEO and Founder Ash Ashutosh

"Data and particularly databases in Microsoft Azure need to be available on-demand, instantly, via an API, not stuck in an archaic backup format. Actifio copy data virtualization is allowing our customers to get their data into Azure, build SQL-as-a-service capabilities to speed up their development pipelines and satisfy board-level requirements for rapid disaster recovery."

Healthcare organizations face challenges expanding their clinical data storage while cutting costs. Infrastructure hardware is expensive and more costly to expand than cloud storage. Cloud migration can be a complicated process especially if it isn’t efficient. Organizations need to consider data security during transition as well as licensing costs and data accessibility.

Actifio Sky support of Microsoft Azure reduces the risk of compromising data while moving faster to a hybrid cloud environment with their data management platform.

The data management platform begins with low-risk use cases such as vaulting backups and application testings. The platform also protects critical applications such as large databases with instant recovery on-premises or in the cloud and point-in-time rollbacks, regardless of location.

The Actifio data management platform supports on-premises deployments — including Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Softlayer, and Oracle Cloud — and empowers cloud-focused continuous integration and delivery processes to build and deploy high quality applications faster.

"Enabling a dynamic hybrid cloud architecture can be a real challenge for administrators," said Steven Hill, Senior Storage Analyst at 451 Research. "Public cloud resources like Microsoft Azure offer a rich set of off-premises options for businesses of every size, but a major key to effectively integrating the public cloud lies in establishing a policy-based data management framework like Actifio that allows a customer to effectively administrate data resources regardless of where they reside."

Hybrid cloud storage is becoming one of the most popular forms of clinical data storage for healthcare organizations because of the scalability of cloud storage and the control on-premise storage gives organizations over certain data.

In addition to the launch of Actifio Sky in the Azure Marketplace, Actifio OnVault will also support Azure Blob storage as an object storage target for vaulting data, for long-term retention. Beyond low-cost retention, Actifio OnVault allows enterprises to access data in cloud vaults instantly for business intelligence, analytics, compliance and data warehousing operations to unlock business value, using on-demand cloud infrastructure.

Actifio has a track record of easing enterprise data storage using virtualization. The company uses virtualization to address copy data issues reducing redundant data and decreasing hardware and operational expenses for data warehouses. Similar to other virtualization solutions, copy data virtualization operates off of the ‘golden’ copy model, meaning there is only one physical copy.

Healthcare organization will benefit from automated migration and backup tools such as Actifio Sky as the need to migrate on-premise data to the cloud for scalability and accessibility continue to challenge legacy storage solutions.

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