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Dell EMC Releases ECM Platform for Virtual IT Infrastructure


Dell EMC has announced their latest version of their enterprise content management platform, Documentum 7.3. Dell EMC’s latest platform aims to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by creating easier delivery and deployment of new applications...

Value Behind Building a Virtual Health IT Infrastructure


As part of a recent survey conducted by Finn Partners, IT decision makers shared insight into the kinds of technologies integral to building a future-proof IT infrastructure as well as those destined for the dustheap. Over 500 IT decision-makers...

Cost Proves Biggest Benefit, Challenge for Virtualization


Enterprise IT departments are using virtualization to consolidate servers, increase provisioning time, and provide infrastructure for developers to build and deploy applications, according to a recent survey conducted by Red Hat. Red Hat surveyed...

Are Software-Defined Data Centers Growing in Health IT?


A software-defined data center is an evolving technology that virtualizes components of an organization’s data architecture, saving on cost and space. So is it a good fit for health IT infrastructure? A software-defined data center (SDDC),...

SDN Supports Digital Health IT Network Infrastructure Growth


Software-defined networking (SDN) has a place in health IT network infrastructure as enterprise virtualization continues to grow. The goal of enterprise network virtualization is to take strain off hardware and make the network more visible to...

Top 10 Virtualization Terms in Health IT Infrastructure


Virtualization is a relatively new concept for health IT infrastructure and becomes complicated when terms describing its characteristics are thrown around. Most of these terms describe digital concepts and can be difficult to follow when mapping...

Virtualization Growth Continues in Health IT Infrastructure


The projected growth of virtualization across enterprise industries indicates that server virtualization is potentially the future of health IT infrastructure, but healthcare providers will need to take a number of additional security precautions...

What the Growth of Data Virtualization Means for Healthcare


As part of an evolving health IT infrastructure, data virtualization offers a number of benefits from mobilizing access to clinical health data to organizing clearance parameters. Virtualization can also pose challenges for maintaining HIPAA...

Containers to Become a Key Part of Health IT Infrastructure?


Containers are proving useful in enterprise IT infrastructure and have potential to grow in healthcare IT infrastructure as well. Containers are not limited to one part of an organization’s IT infrastructure. According to a recent survey...

Virtualization for Secure Healthcare Data Access Control


Granting network access and enforcing access protocols are a large part of healthcare network security. Access control keeps unwanted and harmful visitors from gaining access to protected health information (PHI) by having users authenticate...

Potential for Virtual Mobile Infrastructure in Healthcare


Virtual mobile infrastructure (VMI) is the latest form of virtualization technology weaving its way into health IT infrastructure. VMI takes the concept of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and applies it to mobile devices and operating systems...

Using Virtual Machines to Benefit from the Healthcare Cloud


Virtual machines are becoming more useful to health IT infrastructure in light of the growing popularity of cloud computing in the healthcare industry. Increased mobile device usage makes cloud computing necessary to efficiently retrieve data....

Benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to Healthcare


Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) has carved out a place for itself in healthcare IT infrastructure. Constant access to electronic health data via the cloud represents the first step in mobilizing the healthcare workplace. VDI takes it a step...

How Can Virtualization Improve the Healthcare Industry?


Virtualization is one of the newer cloud technologies that is gaining popularity across businesses from the enterprise to mid-market level. Not only is it a more mobile and lower maintenance way to have access to all the files needed by the end-user,...


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