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New Data Security Prevents Healthcare Information Phishing


Phishing attacks continue to be a significant threat to healthcare data security, and health IT vendors are working on new prevention techniques to combat them. Menlo Security is the latest vendor to produce new security architecture to defend...

Ransomware Emerges as Top Health IT Infrastructure Threat


Ransomware is the cause of forty percent of disruptive IT events, according to a new cross-industry survey by Fortium Partners, highlighting one of the top threats to health IT infrastructure and data security. The survey of more than 80 C-level...

How SIEM Solutions Work to Secure Health IT Infrastructure


Since the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) updated HIPAA in its omnibus rule, security information and event management (SIEM) solutions have gained traction in healthcare and health IT infrastructure bears the mark. The omnibus...

Lack of Data Decryption Could Endanger Network Security


In a recent study conducted by Ponemon, nearly two-thirds of organizations polled believed their organization could properly leverage data decryption technology in order to project against malicious network traffic.The use of of server socket...

Protecting Health IT Infrastructure with Government Resources


Electronic health data is never fully protected and with the growth of health IT infrastructure, data is more susceptible to cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is a large part of any network, cloud, or wireless infrastructure and is necessary for all...

Preparing Health IT Infrastructure for BYOD Environments


Bring-your-own device (BYOD) strategies have been working their way into healthcare organizations over the past few years, giving users access to the healthcare networks and allowing organizations to cut spending on company-owned devices. Accessing...

Understanding Healthcare Infrastructure Security and HIPAA


Creating strong healthcare infrastructure security requires covered entities to build a comprehensive understanding of many key areas, such as IT network security, physical infrastructure, and data storage options. With technological options...


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