Wireless Networking

54% of Orgs See Health IT Infrastructure as Top Mobility Test

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Fifty-four percent of healthcare organizations named health IT infrastructure as their top challenge when deploying employee mobile device usage, according to a recent survey released by Spok Holdings. Fifty-eight percent of healthcare organizations...

How WLAN Vendor Acquisition and Collaboration Affects Clients

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Wireless networks are a significant piece of health IT infrastructure responsible for security and connectivity. It’s important to be informed of any WLAN vendor changes to be sure HIPAA requirements are still being met. This month, Extreme...

Why Careful Health IT Infrastructure Planning is Essential

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

A successful health IT infrastructure comprises many layers. From storage to wireless networks, these solutions need to work together to ensure electronic health data is secure and accessible. IT infrastructure is made up of the solutions used...

Solutions to Guest Healthcare Wireless Network Challenges

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

More and more hospital visitors are expecting guest access to healthcare wireless networks, so healthcare organizations need to plan accordingly. In a recent survey of healthcare IT trends, 77 percent of respondents stated their wireless network...

What Cloud-Managed WLAN Has to Offer Healthcare Networks

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

Managing healthcare wireless networks can strain IT departments especially if those on the smaller side. And the growing popularity of mobile devices in the workplace and the constant connection needed Wi-Fi enabled medical devices makes network...

Benefits of 802.11ac to Wireless Health IT Infrastructure

by Elizabeth O'Dowd

As the number of Wi-Fi-capable devices connecting to a health IT infrastructure grows, the importance of deploying the latest wireless technology becomes a top priority for organizations and their IT departments. With all employees from administrative...


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